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Highly Acclaimed by Global B2B Buyers, 16 Taiwanese SMEs Showcase Their International Trade Capabilities


16 SMEs Made to the Taiwan E-Talent Competition Shortlist, Further Elevating Their Digital International Trading Competitiveness.

TAIPEIMarch 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The 16 finalists of the 10th "Taiwan E-Talent Competition" officially announced on 6 March. The selected finalists include internationally recognized hidden champions, seasoned manufacturing companies, and emerging stars in international trade. The diverse industries and product categories highlight the strong capabilities of Taiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in products and services, earning widespread acclaim.

Taiwan E-Talent Competition announced the top 16 finalists, demonstrating Taiwan enterprises' solid quality trusted by international buyers. Product and service quality receive universal praise! Traditional industries and emerging stars once again excel in international trade performance.

According to the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, Taiwan's export annual growth rate returned positive in Q4 2023, with a project to grow by 6.85% this year[1], reaffirming the international market's recognition of Taiwan's SMEs and the increasing demand. In the top 16 SMEs of the E-Talent Competition, from seasoned users of cross-border e-commerce from traditional industries and newly established startups, all representing various industries where Taiwan has long been renowned for excellent design, manufacturing, and customized services. These include the highly recognized automotive and motorcycle parts industry in the international aftermarket, the leading hardware tools industry in the global mid-to-high-end OEM market, the innovating textile industry, as well as sectors such as pneumatic tools, packaging and printing, and medical consumables, highlighting Taiwan's industrial strengths through international e-commerce.

The top 16 SMEs selected have witnessed the pivotal role of AI technology, data analysis, and short video content in business transformation. They have also challenged conventional operations to achieve remarkable results in the international market, some even have developed a "one-stop" service and integrated trade model. They have undergone rigorous evaluation by the E-Talent Competition judges in marketing, transactions, data, and management, and the achievements are evident to all.

The 16 Taiwanese SMEs qualified for the final 16 of the Taiwan E-Talent Competition including consumer electronics traders Cheersfly, medical consumable accessories manufacturer Chi Feng, automotive cooling system expert CHIN LANG Autoparts, CNC machining manufacturer DFK Industrial Corp, packaging and printing company ENGROSSERVICE, machinery equipment OEM company FUI JET, hardware tools traders JIEYI, pneumatic tools brand JU-HE, smart electronic product factory JWIT(EDARTS), pneumatic tool producer LEMATEC, automotive lighting manufacturer YUNGLI, sustainable socks manufacturer Paultex Hosiery, automotive spare parts supplier SIGMA, tire repair patch leader Yee Jee Technology, gear manufacturer YI-WAY, and motorcycle parts supplier Yu-Jia.

[1] The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) Press Release on Domestic Macroeconomic Forecast and Economic Outlook Survey, January 2024,  

Taiwan E-Talent Competition Top 16 Finalists SMEs (sorted in alphabetical order)

  • Cheersfly, an all-in-one e-commerce company, offers high-quality consumer electronics and trendy accessories, opened three new stores on within a year: Cheersfly CO., LTD. is a rising fast-moving consumer goods trader specializing in consumer electronic goods and trendy accessories. Leveraging the "Smart Assistant" introduced by, Cheersfly rapidly launches products, quickly expands its product line, and ships products immediately upon order. It also interacts with buyers through short videos and live streams, earning the trust of young buyers worldwide.
  • Chi Feng CO., LTD leverages high-quality medical consumables, including needle-free connectors, chemo drug preparation closed system products, and infusion components, to foster high repurchase rates and achieve mutual growth with customers: The ISO 13485-certified manufacturer prioritizes improving the healthcare environment. Their unique business model has driven a 180% increase in annual transaction volume, demonstrating their commitment to quality and customer success. Chi Feng further embraces innovation by utilizing videos and online live streaming to showcase their products and engage with a global audience of buyers.
  • CHIN LANG Autoparts Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in Taiwan with 40+ years of experience, specializing in cooling systems and wiper systems for passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks: More than 3,000 products are available for selection. Serving more than 9,000 clients worldwide. CHIN LANG posts short videos and livestreams on to provide clients with a firsthand understanding of products, production processes, and quality. It helps clients to know us and the products and start the business relationship in a fleeting time. In the company growing process, Chin Lang is also committed to the spirit of environmental sustainability, therefore we have built a solar photovoltaic system, and energy storage system, and have achieved the goal of 100% renewable energy in 2021.
  • DFK innovates using data and technology tools, selling nearly 3,000 products and one-stop services across five continents: As a metal precision CNC machining manufacturer, DFK Industrial Corp has 35 years of experience in producing industrial wiring and metal pipe fitting, and providing customized development services. DFK has created an integrated industrial and trade model, offering over 2,900 products and one-stop services in collaboration with strategic partners, attracting over 45 customers across 17 countries in Oceania, the Middle East, Central and South AmericaAsiaAfrica, and Europe.
  • ENGROSSERVICE provides fully customized packaging and printing development products, trusted by global brand customers for many years: Established by Angelica Yin, the general manager with years of R&D and packaging development experience of international company. ENGROSSERVICE ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. focuses on helping clients to have new and innovative package container of new launch products in the FMCG and cosmetic industry. Their products are favored by American and Australia customers, resulting in continuous repeat orders. Simultaneously tapping into the niche market of packaging materials, they have expanded their customer base across five continents, achieving an annual order growth of 20% to 25%. Their customized production method further meets the diverse needs of small e-commerce buyers.
  • FUI JET, a professional OEM factory with 35 years of experience, has successfully transformed and created a new business model with high repurchase rates in collaboration with its customers: FUI JET TECH CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing zero-point quick-change systems for milling machines and provides a one-stop service for turning, milling, and grinding. Through the platform, the company has significantly increased exposure by 361% through mass product releases, resulting in a rapid 10-fold increase in order value in USD. FUI JET has attracted 1,500 new customers and initiated cooperation with an Indian agent. The company has successfully nurtured new small e-commerce customers and partners, jointly creating a new business model with high repurchase rates.
  • Hardware tools e-commerce JIEYI meets procurement needs with customized, fast sample delivery services: JIEYI HARDWARE CORPORATION provides customized hardware tool socket manufacturing services, showcasing its strong factory production capabilities. Through, JIEYI offers rapid communication and clarification, fast sample delivery, and professional quotation template services. It once secured an order from a South Korean hardware distributor within seven days and received significant orders from brand manufacturers within a year.
  • With buyers spanning over 20 countries across four continents, JU-HE has secured orders worth USD 6 million within operating for only 6 months: JU-HE Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in creating its own brand of pneumatic tools and offering customized product development. Leveraging a global marketing model, Juhe effectively converts business opportunities by utilizing platform data to understand the popular demands of industry buyers. Its main markets include Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and Europe. By deeply analyzing buyer needs and scenarios, Juhe has developed a range of lightweight, compact, and portable hardware tool sets that have gained the favor of international buyers, resulting in $6 million USD in orders within 6 months.
  • JWIT (EDARTS) has been deeply involved in the traditional plastic injection molding industry for 35 years, meeting sustainable demands with a green production model for sports equipment and 3C electronics: JWIT Corporation Limited (EDARTS)has been deeply engaged in the traditional plastic injection molding industry for 35 years, transitioning from a standardized mass production manufacturer to a small-scale smart electronic product factory. JWIT closely follows the sustainable trend by producing plastic parts that are 100% recyclable and plans to purchase green electricity entirely by 2024, meeting the global demand for sustainable production.
  • American and Middle Eastern retail chains are buying in! Pneumatic tool leader LEMATEC enters 110 countries worldwide: LEMATEC Co. is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic tools. Its products are trusted by buyers in the Americas, AustraliaEurope, and Southeast Asia, and can provide new refurbished goods that respond to the sustainability trend. LEMATEC has established a stable OBM, OEM, and ODM model and makes good use of data insights to provide customers with professional e-commerce consulting services.
  • YUNGLI TRAFFIC EQUIPMENTS CO., LTD. provides a diverse range of vehicle lighting products tailored to customer needs, witnessing over a fivefold growth in buyers: YUNGLI TRAFFIC EQUIPMENTS CO., LTD. is a long-standing supplier of vehicle lighting products, specializing in the production of headlights, auxiliary lights, fog lights, and off-road lights. Following a digital transformation and brand image enhancement on the platform, the company has expanded its customer base to 52 countries across 5 continents.
  • Creates a sustainable textile ecosystem, Paultex is favored by high-end brands such as golf and equestrian, with annual revenue growing by 420%: Paultex Hosiery LTD. specializes in producing functional socks using high-tech environmentally friendly yarns from Taiwan. Paultex has now established its own brand, offering a variety of products including outdoor sports, textiles, and more, which are highly favored by customers. In 2023, the transaction amount grew by 4.2 times, with repeat customers accounting for 60%.
  • Revenue exceeding $1 million USD, with the number of export countries growing 2.5 times, SIGMA builds a one-stop service for global buyers: SIGMA AUTOPARTS CO., supplier automotive spare parts, offering one-stop procurement solutions. Leveraging functions such as automatic translation, AI tools, and tailored matching on the platform, they have significantly improved response rates, leading to a substantial increase in inquiry volume. As a result, the number of export countries has grown by 2.5 times to over 50 countries, with a threefold increase in revenue, surpassing $1 million USD.
  • The hidden champion of Taiwan's tire repair patch industry and a top-three player in global market share, Yee Jee (PAX) has created a globally popular green tire patch product: Yee Jee Technology Co., Ltd. (PAX)is a leading brand in Taiwan's tire repair patch industry. It utilizes pineapple leaves as raw materials to produce environmentally friendly, non-toxic, lightweight, and portable tire patch products that are resistant to low temperatures and have strong adhesiveness. Its products are sold all over the world and has agents in more than 60 countries. In the future, PAX will be the pioneer and undergo a low-carbon and smart transformation to strengthen its green value chains.
  • YI-WAY, a rising star in the gear industry, breaks through export bottlenecks with a 400% order growth in 5 months: YI-WAY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. specializes in the manufacture of gears, shafts, and other gearbox components for automobiles, motorcycles, ships, and agricultural machinery, providing various gears for the aftermarket and customized services for small quantities. Through solid marketing efforts, YI-WAY successfully visited and talked over collaborations with Middle Eastern buyers. In the future, they plan to obtain ESG certification for their products through green energy innovation to help buyers reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Yu-Jia, the benchmark of O2O in the motorcycle industry offers OEM, ODM, and proprietary one-stop brand services: HSU CHIN PEI INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., (Yu-Jia) manufactures motorcycle aftermarket parts and provides one-stop OEM, ODM, and proprietary brand services. Through the platform, Yu-Jia's innovative data development has led to a customer response rate of up to 99.59%, accumulating over a thousand positive reviews. Within six months, they completed over 40 orders globally, doubling the number of countries they trade with, spanning AsiaAfrica, the Middle East, and the Americas.

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